Serendipity Films is an independent production company based in Belgium, created by producer Ellen De Waele in 2006. Serendipity concentrates on (co)producing international feature films and documentaries in a wide variety of genres, often highlighting social relevant issues. Serendipity prides itself in supporting fresh and innovative, young as well as established talent.

After studying Communication (Université Catholique de Louvain) and Anthropology (Università degli Studi, Bologna), Ellen De Waele (1973) started working in the film industry in South Africa. After her return to Belgium and a career in the advertising industry, she became managing director and producer of Brussels based production company CCCP where she produced several fiction and documentary projects with directors such as Michael R. Roskam, Wim Vandekeybus, Luc Vrydaghs and Bart Van den Bempt.

In 2005 she received the European Certificate in Audiovisual Financing and Commercialisation at the Sorbonne in Paris. She launched Serendipity Films in 2006, with the Dutch/Belgian co-production NADINE, by acclaimed director of feature WILD MUSSELS, Erik de Bruyn.

Recent films include the short film DEATH OF A SHADOW by Tom Van Avermaet with acclaimed Oscar nominated actor Matthias Schoenaerts (Best of the Fest Award at LA Shortsfest 2012, EFA nomination at Seminci Valladolid International Film Festival 2012, Audience Award at Samain du Cinéma Fantasitique 2012, Audience Award & Special Mention of the Jury at International Short Film Festival Leuven), the documentaries EPILOGUE by Manno Lanssens (Best Documentary at Film Festival Oostende, Special Mention of the Jury at DOCAVIV 2012, Special Mention of the Jury at Visions du Réel Nyon 2011, World Film Festival Montreal 2011) and GRANDE HOTEL by Lotte Stoops (Jury Price at This Human World Festival, Vienna, Prix Michel Mitrani at FIPA, Biarritz 2012, Honourable Mention at HotDocs Toronto 2011, IFFR 2011 Bright Future programme, Silverdocs, Margaret Mead Film Festival, Gotebörg Film Festival, CHPDox).

She is also the co-producer of Philippe de Pierpont’s feature film SHE’S NOT CYRING, SHE’S SINGING (World Film Festival Montreal 2011), THE NEW SAINT by Allard Detiger (IDFA 2010, IFFR 2011) and Nanouk Leopold’s feature film BROWNIAN MOVEMENT (Toronto 2010, Berlinale The Forum 2011).

Currently in post-production is the feature film 82 DAYS IN APRIL of Bart Van den Bempt (EAVE programme 2008) and the documentary with and about acclaimed artist Jan Fabre, DR FABRE WILL CURE YOU (Pierre Coulibeuf).

In development is the feature film A YEAR FROM AUGUST of Bart Van den Bempt, and the documentaries THE BEGUINE PROJECT (Manno Lanssens, Ute Muegge-Lauterbach & Joachim Kurz), AIN GHAZAL – THE EYE OF THE GAZELLE (Caroline Van Gastel), DOCTOR WITHOUT BORDERS (Sarah Bernheim), RESET SOCIETY (Dries Engels) and VICTIMS (Manno Lanssens).

Serendipity Films is a member of The European Film Academy, EAVE and Flanders Doc.


2013 82 DAYS IN APRIL, feature film by Bart Van den Bempt (release spring 2013)
In co-production with Circe Films (NL)
2012 Doctor Fabre Will Cure You, fictitious portrait by Pierre Coulibeuf (2012)
In co-production with Regards Productions (FR), Angelos (B)
2012 DEATH OF A SHADOW, short by Tom Van Avermaet.
In co-production with Perspective Films, Digital Graphics & Mollywood
2012 GUERRILLA GRANNIES, documentary by Ike Bertels
In co-production with IBF & DNU Film
2011 EPILOGUE, documentary by Manno Lanssens.
In co-production with Mollywood, Noord Film & Lichtpunt
2011 ELLE NE PLEURE PAS, ELLE CHANTE (SHE’S NOT CRYING, SHE’S SINGING), feature by Philippe de Pierpont In co-production with Iota Distribution (French Belgium), Perspective Films (FR), Tarantula (LUX)
2010 GRANDE HOTEL, documentary by Lotte Stoops.
In co-production with Volya Films (NL)
2010 BROWNIAN MOVEMENT, feature by Nanouk Leopold
In co-production with Circe Films (NL), Coin Film (DE)
2010 THE NEW SAINT, documentary by Allard Detiger.
In co-production with Volya Films (NL)
2010 CAMPUS KASSAPA, documentary by Ronnie Ramirez.
In co-production with Iota Production (French Belgium)
2010 BOYAMBA BELGIQUE, documentary by Dries Engels & Bart Van Peel.
In co-production with Iota Production (French Belgium)
2010 THE AVIATRIX OF KAZBEK, feature by Ineke Smits.
In co-production with Isabella Films (NL), Fu Works (NL), Volya Films (NL)
2008 JACK, THE BALKANS & I, documentary by Sergej Kreso.
In co-production with Volya Films (NL)
2007 NADINE, feature by Erik de Bruyn.
In co-production with Rocketta Film (NL)


2006 GAS STATION, documentary series by Luc Vrydaghs
2005 BLUSH, dance film by Wim Vandekeybus
2005 THE ONE THING TO DO, short by Michael R. Roskam
2005 MARIA DOLORES, feature by Wayn Traub
2004 FIGHTING FOR OTHERS, DYING FOR POLAND, documentary by Bart Verstockt
2004 CARLO, short by Michael R. Roskam
2000 15’METROMANIA, short by Bart Van den Bempt