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Born on the 22th of July 1982, Tom Van Avermaet has always had one specific goal in his life, namely that of being a storyteller.  Fascinated by the celluloid dreamscape that cinema provided, Tom quickly decided that the best way to fulfill that lofty goal, was by picking up the cinematic paintbrush himself. Whilst enrolled in his last year of filmschool at the RITS in Belgium, he completed his first short film ‘DREAMTIME – Droomtijd’ (2006), with which he graduated with honours. The film went on to complete a successful national & international festival run with over 60 festival selections and numerous awards (among which a nomination for the Mélies D’or for best European fantastic Short Film).

Starring in his first professional short film ‘DEATH OF A SHADOW’ (2012) are Matthias Schoenaerts (Bullhead, Rust & Bone), Laura Verlinden, Peter Van Den Eede and Benjamin Ramon. The film started its festival run in June 2012 and has been fortunate enough to win a nomination for the European Film Awards in 2013 and to be shortlisted for the academy award for best live action short for 2013.

Influenced by the great ‘surrealists’ of the international world of cinema (Guillermo Del Toro, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Terry Gilliam, Tim Burton, Stanley Kubrick, Raoul Servais…) and inspired by the mythology and mystery of fantasy tales and comic books, Tom hopes to bring his passion for the fantastic and the imaginative to life with future projects, be they commercials, music videos, short or long narrative fiction.



(2012) – Dood van een Schaduw (Death of a Shadow/Mort D’une Ombre)

Cfr. Festivals & Awards

16th L.A. Shortsfest (USA) (September 2012)
Official Selection
Winner: Best Of The Fest (Oscar Qualifier)

57th Seminci Valladolid International Film Festival (Spain) (October 2012)
Official Selection -> International Competition
Winner: Best European Short/EFA Award (Nomination For European Film Awards)

3rd Samain Du Cinéma Fantastique (France) (25 October 2012)
Official Selection: Short Films (Section French (Co-)Productions)
Winner: Audience Award

18th International Short Film Festival Leuven (Belgium) (December 2012)
Official Selection -> Flemish Competition + Showcase ‘Matthias Schoenaerts’ + Canvas Evening + Evening (11 screenings in total)
Winner: Audience Award For Best Flemish Short Film
Special Mention: Jury Award For Best Flemish Short Film

13th Fargo Film festival (USA) (March 2013)
Official Selection -> Narrative Short
Winner: Best Narrative Short (announced with selections)

(2006) – Droomtijd (Dreamtime / Temps De Rêves)


VAF Wild Card For Best Flemish Student Film (‘Het Grote Ongeduld’ Student Film Festival, Belgium)
Silver Mélies (=Nomination For The Golden Mélies) For Best European Fantastic Short (Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, Belgium)
Best Cinematography In A Short Film (D.O.P. Nicolas Karakatsanis) (Cyprus International Film Festival, Cyprus)
Jameson Award For Best Short Film (Shadow Shorts) (Transilvania International Film Festival, Romania)
Special Honorable Mention (Audio-Visual Festival Of San Lorenzo – Atalo En Corto, Spain)
Best Direction, Best Original Score, Best Effects & Second Prize For Best Short Film (Cinemadamere Film Festival, Italy)
Best Narrative Short (Sacramento International Film And Music Festival
Nomination For Best Narrative Short (International Film Festival Of South Africa (Everglades International Film Festival), South Africa)
Best Fiction Film (Pisek International Student Film Festival, Czech Republic)
Youth Jury -> Best Short Film / Regular Jury -> SABAM Award (Festival International d’écoles de Cinema Huey, Belgium)
Best Director of a Short Film, Audience Award For Best Short Film (The International Sweet Onion Film Festival, USA)
Best Cinematography, Nominated For Best Foreign Language Film (Heart Of Gold International Film Festival, Australia)
Top Award Of Excellence For Production Design & Best Debut Film / Certifcate Of Destinctive Achievement For Best Costumes & Make Up & Best Director Of A Short Film (The Wild Rose Independent Film Festival, USA)
Best Short Film (Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre, Argentine)
Best Foreign Short Film (Queens International Film Festival, USA)
Finalist For Best Short Film (Fantasy Worldwide Film Festival, Canada)
Nomination For Best Narrative Short Film (Oxford Film Festival, USA)
Nomination For Best Sci-fi & Best Director (Show Off Your Shorts Film Festival, USA)
Best Foreign Film (Foursite Film Festival, USA)
Nomination For Best Actor In A Leading Role (Maarten Claeyssens) (Tenerife International Film Festival, Spain)
Best Student Film (California Independent Film Festival, USA)
Honorable Mention – Best Science-Fiction Film (International Festival Of Cinema & Technology, touring worldwide)


Palms Springs International Festival Of Short Films (Oscar Qualifying) (USA)
Rhode Island International Film Festival (Oscar Qualifying) (USA)
Fantastic Fest (USA)
International Film Festival Ghent (Belgium)
International Short Film Festival Leuven (Belgium)
International Student Film Festival Sehsuchte (Germany)
Anonimul International Film Festival (Romania)
Lund Fantastic Film Festival (Part of Mélies D’or Gala) (Sweden)
Contravision Film Festival (Germany)
Manaki Brothers International Cinematographer’s Film Festival (Macedonia)
Icon Film Festival (Israel)
Ellensburg International Film Festival (USA)
Sometime In October Film Festival (USA)
Secret City International Film Festival (USA)
Tallgrass Film Festival (USA)
Ravenna Film Festival (Italy)
Utopiales – International Science-Fiction Festival (France)
Formula Mundi (Germany)
Filmstock Film Festival (UK)
Asheville Film Festival (USA)
Dominican International Film Festival (Dominican Republic)
Santiago International Short Film Festival (Chili)
Anchorage International Film Festival (USA)
Skena Up – International Student Film Festival (Kosovo)
Sleepwalkers International Student Film Festival (Estonia)
Miami Short Film Festival (USA)
Tirana International Film Festival (Albania)
XS Film Festival Moscow (Part of Belgian Showcase) (Russia)
CinemaIubit International Film Festival (Romania)
Junken Film Festival (Japan)
Festivus Film Festival (USA)
Dam Short Film Festival (USA)
Omaha Film Festival (USA)
Sedona Film Festival (USA)
Durango Independent Film Festival (USA)
East Lansing Film Festival (USA)
Tiburon International Film Festival (USA)
Memphis International Film Festival (USA)
Athens International Sci-Fi& Fantasy Short Film Festival (SFF Rated) (Greece)
Caribbean International Film Festival (West Indies)
Vilnius International Short Film Festival (Lithuania)
Indianapolis Film Festival (USA)
Newport Beach Film Festival (USA)
Mendocino Film Festival (USA)
Swansea Bay Film Festival (UK)
Heart Of England – International Film Festival (UK)
Sapporo Short Fest (Part Of California Independent Film Festival Showcase) (Japan)
L’Idea Di Cleves – Short Film Festival (Italy)
Santiago Rojo Sangre (Chili)