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Nathan Rijckx
Matthias Schoenaerts

mathiasWhen Schoenaerts was fifteen years old, he made is début in Daens, an Oscar nominated film from Stijn Coninckx.
After his studies at the Conservatory in Antwerp, he played in various films but his role in Loft, directed by Erik van Looy, was his big breakthrough.  Loft rapidly became the most successful Flemish film, generating a profit of more than $7,075,161.

In 2011, Schoenaerts excelled in Rundskop from Michael R. Roskam, another Oscar nominated film.

His interpretation left nobody untouched and in January 2012 he obtained the ‘FIPRESCI Award for Best Actor’ at Palm Springs International Film Festival for this role. The jury praised his wonderful interpretation of an innocent and sensitive man, prisoner in a rebellious body. He equally received the Magritte Award for Best Actor.
Recently, we saw him in Jacques Audiard’s De rouille et d’os, with Marion Cotillard. The film was presented at the Filmfestival in Cannes in 2012.
His role in Loft got a second life in the American remake The Loft, again directed by Erik Van Looy. In 2013 he can be seen with Clive Owen, Mila Kunis and Marion Cotillard in Blood Ties from the French director Guillaume Canet.



The collector
Peter van den Eede

In 1989, after his studies at the Herman Teirlinck Institute Antwerp, Peter Van Den Eede set up the theatre group “Compagnie De Koe” together with Bas Teeken.
In their first play De Gebiologeerden, he was actor, director and screenwriter.

Moreover he worked for Het Toneelhuis as director for, among others, Lieve Arthur.

Peter Van Den Eede appeared on the big screen in, among others, Man Van Staal and Linkeroever.
The public got to know him thanks to various Flemish prestigious series such as Terug naar Oosterdonk, De Smaak van De Keyser and Van vlees en bloed. Recently he appeared in Kiekens by Stany Crets and Red Sonja on Canvas.





Sarah Winters
Laura Verlinden

In 2007, Laura Verlinden completed her studies at the Lemmens Institute in Leuven. Hardly a year later, she made her début in De laatste zomer, the début film of Joost Wynant.
Her absolute breakthrough came one year later with De Smaak van De Keyser, a television series by Frank Van Passel and Jan Matthys in which Laura Verlinden played a leading role.
She quickly became an actrice well-liked by the public as well as the directors, with roles in Ben X, Nic Balthazar’s awarded film, and Loft from Erik Van Looy.
Soon Laura will be featuring in Make Believe, a short film by Helene Wang, in which she plays the leading role.






Daniel Hainaut
Benjamin Ramon

Benjamin is a French speaking actor who grew up in Durbuy, Wallonia. At 21 years of age, he was admitted to the drama department of the INSAS in Brussels.
When Ramon finished his studies in 2003, he started in the theatre in a play called ‘Excédent de poids, insignificant amorphe’, an INSAS production.
His big screen début happened in 2004 with ‘La femme de Gilles’, a film by Frédéric Fonteyne.  In the following years, he tried to alternate as much as possible between theatre and film.
‘Dood van een Schaduw’ was Ramon’s first Flemish film production.
In 2013 he’ll appear in ‘Energumène(s)’, a drama by Camille Meynard, in which he plays the leading role.







Director of Photography
Stijn Van Der Veken, SBC

After his studies at the film academy IAD in Louvain-La-Neuve, Van der Veken started his career as Director of Photography by making documentaries for television.
In 2005 he filmed his first drama-fiction series: ‘Kinderen van Dewindt’.
Prestigious series follow: De Smaak van De Keyser (2008), Katarakt (2008), Wolven (2010) and recently Quiz me Quick (2012).
Van Der Veken made his début on the big screen in Flanders with ‘Maria Dolores’ by Wayn Traub and in that same year ‘SM-rechter’ comes out, a much discussed Flemish film by Erik Lamens.
With the recent film ‘Murk Light’, he won a ‘Black Pearl price for Best Cinematography’ at the Abu Dhabi International Film Festival.
Currently he is working on ‘In Flanders Fields’ with director Jan Matthys, a new prestigious Flemish series.



Raf Keunen

After his studies at the Conservatoire Royal de Musique de Bruxelles in 2001, Raf Keunen wrote his first film composition for Michael R. Roskam for the later awarded short film Carlo.
After a next short film with Roskam followed his first full length film in 2006, Vleugels, a film from Julie De Clercq.
Raf Keunen was equally involved in theatre. With Het Toneelhuis, he wrote the music for Wayn Traub’s NQZC in 2007, a play that was first played on the 7th of November in the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris.
In 2011 he collaborated with Michael Roskam again for Rundskop, for which earned him the nomination ‘Best original Music’ at Les Magritte du cinema.



Dieter Diependaele

Dieter Diependaele obtained his Master in Audiovisual Arts in 1998 at the Ghent Academy. As editor of several short films, he immediately started his career in the Flemish television and film world.
With Bo (2010) by Hans Herbots, he edited his first full-length film.
He already worked together with Serendipity Films for Grande Hotel, an awarded documentary from Lotte Stoops.
Currently he is working on the post production of 82 Dagen in April, the début of director Bart Van den Bempt and also a Serendipity Films production.



Visual Effects
Marc Umé – Digital Graphics

In 1994, the brothers Marc and Serge Umé and their father set up the production company Digital Graphics, specialised in digital special effects for cinema and television.
In 1999 they produced their first short film Magic Nightmare by Jacques Donjean. This film received, among others, the Golden Eyes Award for special effects at the ACF (Audiovisuel Creative Fair).
Besides many animation and short films, Marc Umé also worked on several full-length films and fiction series.
In 2009 he supervised the digital effects for Mr. Nobody from Jaco Van Dormael with, among others, Jared Leto in the leading role.
Recently he collaborated on Tot Altijd from Nic Balthazar and Quiz Me Quick, a fiction series by Bart de Pauw for television channel Eén.



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